Vase or Vazzzze

You have all heard the one what is the difference between a vase and a vazzze? Oh about a hundred bucks!
 What's the difference between a vazzzze and a basket? Subtract that 100 bucks and take away some more. Would anyone out there guess that I have an undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing? Try as I will I just can't to seem to make a vazzze. I don't know what it is with them. If I get a nice looking vase form I turn it into a jug.
These pots I set out to make into oval envelope vases. Using the old critique trick of turning a students pot upside down to look at it which often is a BIG improvement I threw the pots upside down. In other words the top handled rim was actually the bottom on the batt. I then added a slab bottom on the top and turned the pot upside down and then it screamed at me " I am a basket! Give me a handle and make that a double!!!. I prefer a Screaming Eagle Harley to a screaming basket! Perhaps they know I prefer bikes to flowers.


Dennis Allen said…
People ask me "Why don't you put holes in the bottom of pots so we can use them for flower pots?" My answer is it is the quickest way I know to turn a $75 pot into a $15 one.
DropStitchChris said…
I would like to use one of these baskets as a purse…I wanted to before but people laughed at me…I think you laughed at me….it's not the same as scarves in coffee mugs is it???? How do you spell marketing genius….D R O P S T I T C H . . .

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