Aye make it a Broon!

Christmas morning I always make bacon and eggs and have a Newcastle Brown Ale. It is my way of honouring my Dad who was a Geordie from Northeastern England.  If you have ever heard a Geordie they have a thicker accent than any Scot. When I was a wee bairn my dad would make us all a shandy on Christmas morning. It was a wee dram

of Newcastle Brown Ale and a generous glass of Vernor's Ginger Ale. My brothers and I all felt like grown ups on Christmas Day. As a teenager my friends and I would go fishing with my Dad. He would get up before the fish were jumping and start the wood stove and cook our breakfast bacon, eggs, pancakes, boston baked beans and yes a Newcastle Brown Ale. His nickname was Smokie. He got the name from the Scouts that he was so involved with. He was always the one cooking around the campfire.
Here is a picture my daughter Robin took when she visited the village of Clennell in Northumberland. It is the screen saver on my computer and it is called Clennell Road. If life is a highway this looks like a great road to travel.
Aye tomorrow I'll be having a Broon Ale!


smartcat said…
I don't drink beer, but Newcastle Brown Ale is my absolute favorite for making bread. It gives the loaf a wonderful, deep flavor.

A Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing day to you and all your family!

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