I hope you can take a bit of time to look at this U-tube video of Takeshi Yasuda Made in China
Takeshi is one of my favourite potters and our friend Bruce Dehnert is writing a biography of the man and his work.
Takeshi has turned 70 in 2013 and he says he is so lucky to be making pots. This statement although so simply stated meant so much to me. Lucky to be making pots! He looks like the picture of good health in the video and his pots are commanding very high prices indeed. I want to wake up each morning and feel lucky to be making pots not that I have to make pots. Lucky enough to want to make pots.
Some years ago Takeshi was doing San cai ( three colours) inspired by the Chinese Tang dynasty red earthenware vessels. He used high temperature stoneware and a beautiful white slip to capture the depth of surface. I still love that time period of his work.
He now lives in Jingdezhen, China and is making beautiful porcelain with torn edges. 
Warren MacKenzie once said " Go ahead and quit making pots if you can!" For some of us we need to make pots. We are grumpy if we don't. I guess a cocktail on a long sandy beach isn't in my future. Well, maybe one! I like odd numbers.


DropStitchChris said…
I think he looks so healthy and content because he loves what he does…and feels lucky….what an awesome man….thanks for sharing the video Tony:)
Cyndi said…
Thank you Tony for sharing this work. Wow! Can you imagine living in this type of environment - where an artist is one of many in a community, instead of the unusual? Take care.

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