Hell on earth

Some call a day like today a beautiful winter wonderland. I call a dumping of snow like we just got "Hell on Earth". If this is a wonderland, hell why not move to the North Pole?  Get a job working
for Santa Claus. No wonder he heads south at Christmas. He hates the stuff as much as I do. Bah, humbug!
Me, I'm going to hole up and do some reading and writing. Nope, no skiing, no skating, no snow shoeing. I am passing along this very interesting read that my cyber buddy Dan Finnigan put up on Facebook. Because I am on this panel at NCECA with Mark Hewitt of NC and Lisa Hammond of the UK entitled "Where have all the potter's gone-last gasp or rebirth" I have been giving why make pots in the 21st century a lot of thought. I think old Harry Davis addressed this same topic many decades ago.
Here is the article Dan posted- pour yourself a drink( your choice) and enjoy the winter wonderland beside the heat of your wood stove.

A must read
http://www.travel-arte.com/katherinegremley/ sent to FB by Dan Finnigan.


Dennis Allen said…
You got this snow in return for gloating and playing golf last week when we got smacked down here.
Sandy Miller said…
Yeah well we got dumped on too, Buck up Mr C. I have been walking around wondering where have all the potters gone myself! If you are in the adornment business you have locusts in your booth. Is it cyclical? Will the locust come to our booths eventually? That's on the show front, then I went up to the MN potters tour last May and WHOA! That's where all the potters went! We need a drink to talk about that trip but it rocked my world and I came away a changed woman! Saw Dan's pots at Bob Briscoe's place but he was too busy selling to say Hi! When was the last time you heard anybody say that in potters booth. If you're a potter I'd say head up and spend a weekend and some money, very easy to do! Gonna attempt NCECA this year but still fence sitt'n here...... hell I can't even find the fence we have so much snow :) Carry on........

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