For the kitchen

I've always maintained there is more money to be made in the living room than the kitchen. That said I love to make pots to be used even if that only be occasionally.
Lobster asked if I made plates. I do!  I don't make matching sets. In fact I encourage people to buy plates from other potters rather than large sets of mine. Much more interesting but yeah I know poor marketing.  A couple of mine and then go shopping for someone else's work you love.
Jug- Devon Jug
Sweet quart sized jug, shino glazed, nice peppering of hickory ash, finger wipe decoration, split rim and my new signature double handle.
Shino glaze shows off ash like no other glaze. This is a beautiful tin shino which is brought to life by my high iron clay and the paint brush of the wood fired kiln.
Price $60 SOLD

Ya I know that even my plates have handles. Lugs actually! They just don't seem to be mine without handles. These are generous plates with and undulated rim, shino glaze, circle of life "whoopie" in the middle, finger wipe decoration and four lugs. The foot ring has an undercut so they can be hung on the wall. Yes, I like a foot ring and a glazed underneath. God is in the details.
Nice lusterous tin shino glaze.
Price $75 each. ( I have 4) One Sold

Beaker Set
High iron clay, shino glazed and wood fired.
The high iron clay has turned almost purple and given the shino glaze a deep lustre. There are some nicle little copper red dots on the saucer.
Wood firing is about clay and this set speaks of the process.
Price $85 for the set. SOLD


Cyndi said…
Wow! Gorgeous pots, Tony. I wish they hadn't sold.
Dennis Allen said…
Revisiting today. It is no surprise to see SOLD marked on most of these.They are so nice I can't even come up with a smart ass comment.

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