Navel gazing

Well it is really crappy out there. 1/4 million homes without power in Toronto. Boy, will that ever be a hit on the retailers of the city. Our streets are ice covered but we have power. I haven't got much to show you today but my recovering toe. So I thought I'd let ya do some navel or toe gazing today. Andrew had a couple of good ideas for Stoner's mentorship. Andrew will an excellent teacher one day!
Name 5 of your favourite painters or fine craftsmen other than potters. What other craft objects do you like to look at? What are your favourite surfaces- metal, wood, stone, basketry, fabric? What is your favourite object to stare at?
What is your favourite colour and why?
I have a David Fleming Windsor chair in the living room that I prefer to stare at than sit in. I love the form of this chair and often catch myself staring at it's profile. How this chair translates into my work is something I need some time to navel gaze. It is much more tidy than my work but it is well crafted by hand and made with attention to detail and  process. On the plus side of today it is $5 beer and wing day at Beasley's Bar just down the street from here.


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