I don't spend time on this blog to flog my pots. It just so happens winter is coming and as always the wind is blowing and the wolf is at the door. I am going to be posting some pots for sale in the next few weeks so bare with me. I will come up for air to talk pots, life and absolute horseshit. Actually the part I hate most about this bizz is selling pots to friends. Wish I could give em to y'all.
I have a nickname for almost everyone. It is almost always a term of endearment and sign of my  affection for someone. About a decade ago a guy driving a grease truck pulled into our pottery. I thought oh great a redneck coming to ask for a Brillo frog, a cup for a friend with a big nose or perhaps a heart shaped ash tray for "the wife". Well, he kept coming back and always bought the best pot in the shop. I think somehow I shaped him into becoming a potter. He got out of the very successful grease business and became a potter and he doesn't hate me.   In fact yesterday he phoned to ask if I might mentor him? We have become friends and of course I said yes that I would be honoured! He is only 10 years into this mudslinging so I figure he has got 5 to go before a signature develops. So I might as well mess with his brain while trying to straighten out mine.
Here is his work Here is a pic of his work.
I gave him the name "Stoner" for a couple of reasons. His name is Steve Corner and he wanted to name his pottery "Cornerstone" which I thought was really lame and he talks really, really slow like a Stoner. If anything he is a Granola bar that does everything healthy with no vices like his mentor to be.
When the student is ready the teacher appears!


DropStitchChris said…
so cool!! The Stoner Apprentice;))

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