Straight shooter

I've been accused of being a straight shooter. Say what I mean and mean what I say. My wee cups are not for those that want straight. We unloaded 50-60 of them and the students kept saying " and they are all different. Andrew fired the kiln and I was once known to say he is the best guy I know with a stick when it comes to wood firing. Well, he fires a damn mean gas kiln. This may be some of the nicest shino I have fired. There is lots of bi-refringement that you can't see in the photos. These are beautiful lusterous pots for whiskey, wine, tequilla, gin,  Bailey's and sigh Perrier and lime. Go ahead and break my heart and drink a diet Pepsi from one.
I missed the chance to get one in your stocking for Christmas but if ya get something interesting to drink from Santa I can get one in the mail to you. They are $20 plus shipping. Trust me to pick out a sweetie or more for you. I often spend more time trying to pick one for a potter than it takes to make, glaze and fire one. Hey I have some nice coffee/tea cups too for $30.


Anonymous said…
I would like two please.
They're nice.
Mr. Young said…
Save me one of your "wee cups"! Just let me know how to purchase it!
Cyndi said…
Very Sweet, Tony! Glad you are having a great semester with your students. Happy Holidays.

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