Moments of brillance!

Our guest artist in residence Phd candidate Drew Ippoliti gave the second years some interesting assignments this semester. One was to design a container to contain 12 eggs, the other was to combine ceramics with a found object or something off E-bay and the other was a ceramic food object to celebrate a ritual. There were some clever solutions that I forgot to photograph.When I a  engaged in teaching I am never very good at documenting the moment.
Joonie had a nice range of items involving the egg. I was attracted to her slip cast and thrown Canada Dry Ginger Ale cups with a slip cast ginger root as another drinking solution. Trevor won my heart with a slaughtered pig with bacon spewing out of it's stomach. It of course repulsed the vegetarian on faculty which allowed me to have an extra piece of bacon.
What I liked so much about the crits this year is that some of the students are learning to present their work in new ways. The old table cloth on a table screams craft sale and it is slowly sinking in to them that it is perception of the value of the work that can make all the difference.


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