Why would ya ever

want to go back to school to study pottery? I'm at Sheridan for the next days doing "crits" critiques of the first, second and year students work. What that really amounts to is 7 faculty focusing in on one students work for a grueling half hour.  Most of the students that have worked hard and have a good solid body of work walk away with a lot of information for improvement.  I is one thing to know the music but the critique helps them learn the words to the song.  "Because I like it like that" are not the words to a song we teach at Sheridan.
Here are the works of a few of the first year students. How would you like your very first coil pot to be as symmetrical as this one. Hey those slip cast rocks are cool but do they really suit the pots placed on them? Another student is a chef so her work was shown with food.  One of the projects was to design containers to hold a dozen eggs. These little egg cups entitled "When an egg meets a rock" were really quite delightful. I always come away from the crits having learned so much from my fellow faculty and from the students. To think I get paid for this is really a forehead slap. This is all first year work.


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