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Top Shelf Whiskeys are normally in the $300- $600 range. I am offering some of the top shelf pots from the first three firings of the wood kiln. All of these pots have been exhibited in Invitational Shows. These are the pots I selected to represent me at those shows. The three shows were at prestigous venues
Harbourfront Centre- Show Title- Surfaces,  Toronto, Ontario
Ontario Crafts Council Guild Shop - Show Title- Medium and Muse (Wood) Toronto, Ontario the Carnegie Gallery- Show title- Craft 2013- Dundas, Ontario.
Gallon Sized Teapot
This teapot from the 3rd firing is likely one of the best I've ever made. It is porcelain with a lusterous shino glaze and a heavy rain shower of hickory ash on the shoulder.
As is my reputation I have celebrated the teapot with a sculptural approach to the handle.
Price $250 SOLD

Teapot with Gnar-gnar
This teapot also from Firing #3 was thrown symmetrical and sectioned with a razor blade and then reassembled using gnar-gnar. Gnar-gnar is my term for a silica sand slip that gives the gnarly and nasty look. It is adorned with a hand made handle.
Porcelainous stoneware , shino glazed, wood fired with a nice shoulder of hickory ash.
Price $175 SOLD

Jug- from the throat arch
Porcelainous stoneware large jug
Titled: Sangria for all
This natural unglazed wood fire at it's very best. This may well be the juiciest surface I have ever achieved in my 35 years of firing with wood. The piece is raining down with rivers of molten ash. If ever a surface speaks of the rock, mosses, and streams of the Niagara Escarpment this piece has it in spades.
Price $350 SOLD
Sculpture from the Throat Arch
Title: Forbidden Fruit
High iron stoneware, shino glazed, fired in the line of fire of the throat arch

I love these two pieces! Are they bud vases or sculpture?
My Uncle Jimmie used to slip cast dessert dishes in the shape of fruit. I used his 60 year old molds to make pressed sides that I then pushed together using gnar-gnar slip and then mounted on a thrown
$300 for the pair.

All the pots above are top shelf. I am very proud of them  and in many ways sorry to say good bye. So if you have a good home for them or know someone who does please email me at I can take more pictures or send dimensions.

I'll add some more pots from Firing #2 tomorrow.
Thanks all!


Anonymous said…
Plates, as in dinner plate size, did you wood fire any of those ??? Okay they can even have a handle...

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