So my first assignment for Stoner was to list his 5 favourite potters and tell me why he liked their work.  Well, he has me discombobulated as his list of 5 is as polar opposite as you can get.
Here are the camps as I see them-
Camp #1 Harlan House and Tom Coleman
Camp#3 I don’t like the #2. Is me, Ronnie the Rat Meyers and Michael Hunt.
Of course Camp #1 is porcelain and beautifully crafted work. Camp #3 is gritty clay and more casual . That’s all I’m gonna say about that!
So Stoner here is your next assignment which I have chosen to make public since I am encouraging the help of my loyal readers who are in many cases amazing makers.
Answer these questions and send them to me.
Who are you? Of your personal qualities what would you like your work to shout out?
Who is it that you want to admire your work? If it is everyone then your mentor just quit!
What are you trying to say with your work?  Is it for daily use , for occasional use, for exhibition, for personal recognition or to be made and stored in a garden shed?
How are you going to fire this work? This is an important question since if I asked you if you could see this work fired any other way and you could then perhaps it needs more thought. Many potters make pots for wood fire that ought to go in another kiln.
$$$$$$$ Money is the question that always needs answering before the rest of them. How can you afford to make the pots that are in your heart? If that is not a question then only make the pots that you love.
So readers what are you thinking? Am I getting Stoner more discombobulated?


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