In October we had Annabelle from Naples, Florida come to the Double Whammy course at Pinecroft. I called her "Queen of the Tuckers". She had more tucker ideas than there are birth control pills in Toronto. Tuckers are those little items that fit everywhere in a kiln. If you were to make tuckers for our wood kiln the firing would be worth a small fortune. Tuckers usually are those items that sell from $6- $20. They fit around bowls and plates and fill all the spaces that would otherwise be empty and making you no money.  I'm an elitist pottery snob so I make my tuckers kinda interesting little bourbon cups. Actually I call them that but they are nice for bourbon, wine, gin, scotch, tequila, port, and oh yeah Perrier and lime. Not so good for Root Beer and hot chocolate.

I like putting some lines in them and then when I push in they distort and form a much more interesting landscape that matches the undulated rim. The wavy undulated rim makes you look at the cup before drinking from it or you are going to wear that beverage. I can hear the majority moaning and complaining out there. I guess these cups are not for them, then.
Because I trim soft I have a nice selection of wee bits to use for lugs. I can't make them as interesting as the ones I find in my splash pan. Some just delight me with how great they look.


DropStitchChris said…
Oh I love them too Tony….I got two yesterday for my friends in Hamilton but man…it was hard to part with them once I had them in my hot little hands…..My friend Michelle loved hers but I had to drop Mary's off at her house so I should hear tonight….no doubt she'll be thrilled tho'…..
Anonymous said…
Those are sweet beautiful cups Tony.
I love the one that I have...and the lip...well that's awesome too, one engages with the piece before putting it to ones own lips. Living in the present. And reminds us that the cup has its own life, character and soul.

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