From the Quiet Zone

Here are a couple of small two person teapots from the quiet area of the kiln.  Sometimes it is the quiet ones that you learn to love the most. They are not the ones that scream out at first sight but as you live with them their quiet beauty is more appreciated.
They are made from what I was calling pink porcelain. It is a porcelain clay with the addition of some red art to help give colour in the wood kiln. They got a nice little shiver of bi-refringement that beautiful gold like lustre that if I could nail every time I might drive a Rolls like Otto did. It is elusive though and only blesses a few pieces in a firing.
These teapots were decorated with a broken hack saw blade and the end of a dull pencil. They are lined with a nice blue ash glaze.  They are a couple of nice everyday work horse teapots. Your pick of the pair $95 each. ONE SOLD!


Unknown said…
Tony - if you could email me that would be appreciated. wvienneau at gmail dot com .
Wade V.

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