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Here is a showing of some sweet pots from the third wood firing. They say of porcelain that it is hell to work with and heaven to hold. Well, it also gives great colour in our kiln. The one thing about the wood fired pots is that they are nice to keep company with. I went to the Burlington Arts Centre today and they had a selection of my wood fired pots from 1985 on display. It seems like only yesterday.
Gallon Sized- Buck Naked Brother
Here is the brother of the shino glazed gallon sized teapot. This porcelain teapot was put in the wood fired kiln buck naked and lined with a shino glaze.
The sculptural bridges are to celebrate my signature double handle. It also allows me to place the handle "low rider" style. Reference to my days as a Harley guy.
Some nice  tonal flashing from being up close and personal with his brother.
Price $250

Gallon Sized- Wood fired Sister
Porcelain teapot, wood fired, shino glazed, hickory ash laden shoulder and a hand made reed handle.
I always reverse the positioning of the lugs to take away from the symmetry.  There is nice volume to this series of teapots that I made during that throwing session. The reed handles are really my favourite for carrying a big pot of tea.
Price $250 SOLD

Beaker and Saucer
This set is a beauty! I always tell people when they buy one of these sets " If you have people over for dinner and they don't comment on the pot never invite them back. They are boring!!!"
There is a nice copper pink blush on the glaze and a beauty red river flowing down the beak.
Wood firing celebrates clay and this piece leaves just enough naked clay showing to be sexy.
Helmer Kaolin clay body- wood fired
Price $100 for set. SOLD


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