Bad Reputation

I've worked long and hard at this bad reputation. Today at Burlington Arts Centre I got a couple of sweet thoughtful gifts from a couple of my gooduns. Andrew Kellner 2003 (From one knob to another). Hell not only does he know I like Knob Creek  he has picked up my sense of humour.  Emma Smith 2013 made me a sweet little wood fired soda fired shooter to drink my wee dram of the liquid of the Gods. Tara Lynne came in as well and we all had a good laugh while we unloaded my bourbon shooters now called Bailey's cups. I figure the hard liquour connotation might be scaring people off me and the cups. 

To the parents of these kids now adults a big shout! You have raised your kids to display class and respect. I like being in their fine company.


Dennis Allen said…
Bourbon cups, Bailey's cups , Gin cups, Rum cups... Collect the whole set !

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