Teach to learn

Yesterday at crits I walked by a display case of pots made at our "Mug and Bowl" where faculty,alumni and students get together to  make pots to sell for the Clay Club. This money is then used to bring in guest artists and fund our trip to NCECA. Sheridan is sending a whole bus load of students to Milwaukee this spring.  There were some mugs with really good handles. I recognized a couple of the cups/handles as mine and a couple by a young 2nd year student Jordan Scott.  I could see my influence but his had a new interesting twist. He put a lozenge down and then pulled the handle from the lozenge. Well, I thought this clever but I wanted to take it a step further. I used the cap from my Tom's Natural Deodorant as a mold to make the lozenge and then pull the handle off of it. The first cups were double handled cups and then they moved to an upside down, double handle with a zig zag. The impression in the foot is something i learned from Bruce Dehnert. He carves the shape of the kiln the pot is to be fired in on the foot. I used a wooden stamp and impressed a kiln/chimney shape.
Hey thanks Jordan, I owe ya a nice cup!!!


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