One of life's pleasures

Today I got to make pots with a couple of my former Sheridan students at the Burlington Arts Centre. Andrew Kellner 2003 is the tech at BAC and has applied for grad school. A lucky school that gets him. Tara Lynne Franco 2006 is the tech at Red Deer College, Alberta and is home for the holidays. Once again Alberta is dang lucky to have her.
I made some pots on Andrew's Leach treadle wheel. A treadle wheel is not a continuous motion wheel like a kick wheel. When you stop kicking the treadle the wheel comes virtually to a stop. I love the click clack sound and the very slow wheel speed. The rims of pots are often undulated without being contrived.
Andrew had a handle mold for a cuppa tea Wedgewood style. I mounted it on the back of one of mine. Eat your heart out Dan Finnigan.


Dan Finnegan said…
Kickin' my ass, per usual!

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