The World's Best Critique

The world's best critique is usually at the front of your kitchen cupboard. That is generally where you will find the cups you like to use the most. When the favs end up in the studio, by your computer, in the living room where you last read a favourite book or by the TV when you last watched the Maple Leafs fall then you start to use the other cups.
From right to left: An old Mark Pharis cup that I have used for over 30 years. It is my all time fav. The handle is too close to the body so I have learned how to hold it. The interior glaze is a poop brown but I don't care cause I take cream in my coffee. The bottom foot is jagged so I run my finger over it and it awakens me.  There is a thumb print where he held the cup to dip in a thin wash. Like people it ain't perfect but it is the imperfections that I have learned to love.
Beside Mark is a tall Micheal Simon tumbler. Not used all that much since I don't drink ice tea or something I can think to put in there. I love the shape and the simple dot for decoration so it is more cupboard eye candy than anything.
An old Ruggles and Rankin cup that I like for tea not coffee. I don't drink a lot of tea so this is the right size for me. Next to them is a lovely little cup given to me by a customer from McKenzie Smith. Beauty little roundie handle. I like cold white wine from it.
On the very left is a jiggered cup made by Basil the Jiggerman at Medalta Potteries in my home town of Medicine Hat, Alberta. It has a nice round slip cast one finger handle. It is probably my second favourite coffee
cup to use.


DropStitchChris said…
Nice!! An honour to be a favourite in your cupboard I'm sure Tony!! I should take a picture of my cupboard for you….I think I will…one day:) It's all Tony this and Sheila that…

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