Big Boys

Here are a couple of my pots that escaped becoming jugs.  These are both nice examples of composite/sectional throwing.
Large ash glazed wood fired vase with hack saw decoration
This Korean celedon ash glaze is at it's best when it fired in a cool part of the wood kiln. The glaze is a beautiful mint green with a nice to the touch buttery surface. My former student and now friend Zed told me she could see the reference to my all time favourite potter- Richard Batterham of the UK. Boy, like the idea of being in his fine company.

High iron clay, thick white slip, shino glazed, wood fired in the throat arch. Beautiful blasting of wood ash that has formed crystals in the glaze.
This big boy was in the Surfaces Invitational Show this summer at Harbourfront in Toronto.
The size of this piece makes it quite a commanding statement. It has so many elements showing process of making, decorating and firing. Marks of process are what interests me in good ceramic pieces.
Price $350


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