Antonio Whassa matta for you?

It's Sunday morning and it seems like the first time I have been able to sit back and make myself a cappuccino in my Mathew Scheiman cup.  He sent the cup via carrier pigeon( Emma Smith) from NCECA. Thanx Matt I love it and it has a place on my cup wall of shame.
I'm still reeling from the Korea trip. My entire aesthetic was put under scrutiny during that trip. Here at home I feel comfortable in my own skin.
Here is a Korean moon jar seen in the halls of the City Hall of Icheon. It has 2000 cranes carved into it. An impressive piece of fine craft and artistry. I'm just amazed the guy could count that high never mind doing the art work.
If I had the money would I buy the above moon jar. The answer is a simple "No!". Although beautiful it would not be good company for the rest of my collection. Mathew's cup fits like a glove.
If I had a chunk of change I'd buy one of Ronnie the Rat's sculptural pieces with the naked women, and the devilish animals.  My entire family of pots would be happy with that choice.
So what makes us love the rocks and not the pearls?  Whassa a matta for you??? What makes us have certain tastes and not others? If you know what ya like don't let

someone else say ya don't.


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