Wedgies and butt cracks

Oh man since my Korean brothers seem to be reading my blog how am I going to explain the cups I make? One time during a workshop in Lansing, Michigan a long time friend Kelly Savino said my cup looked like butt cracks and a wedgie. The indents in the cup were the butt cracks. I don't think that will be lost in translation. The divet in the foot ring was the wedgie. I can think of no one better to explain the wedgie than my buddy down south Dennis Allen. I will try but I'm betting Dennis will get the bigger laugh. I'm his set up man. The wedgie was a child hood prank of some of us misguided youth. In short if you saw someone's underwear riding above the back of their pants you went up and grabbed them and pulled upwards. This would wedge the undies in a place where the sun don't shine.
I haven't made these cups in a while.  I also had flowers on my mind when I made the somewhat pretty cups with the peony shaped rim and the whopdie doo handle. I made these cups and casseroles at night this week after throwing at Pinecroft. It's Saturday and I wanted to work in my garden but after laundry, grocery shopping, trimming and handling this it's time to make dinner.  I'll clean and vacuum to Randy Bachman's Wire Tap and Holger Petersen's Saturday Night Blues.  A man's work is never done!


Dennis Allen said…
Hard to be funny on cue Tony.I guess the biggest danger of a wedgie is when the underwear constricts the genitalia. In other words, it starts stranglin' what should be danglin'. Now with the butt cracks, all of us have one but I like it when a mug has 4.It's a highly efficient design. BTW I find it rather ironic that a computer asks me to prove that I'm not a robot.
primalmommy said…
I still have breakfast with your butt crack every morning, T. Love ya.

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