Teach to learn

It seems like eons ago that I was in Naples, Florida doing a Double Whammy workshop with Hayne Bayless. We were shacked up together so I had a brief conversation about making slab ware. I went there to teach and learned something to apply at home.  When I got home I made about 50 slab trays and little doo dads condiment plates. Since then I fired the anagama and went to Korea so it took me the past week to get some pots glazed between making. I had an idea for adding stains to my shino for a decorative look. I made some pink shino, yellow shino and a blue shino. I'm loving the yellow. Yes folks my halo slipped and I am doing easy peasy slab work. It ain't a paper plate mold but it is just about as easy. I like the handle additions and to be honest I now love glazing. I can't wait to glaze the pots. The brush work is improving and with my new stain glazes I think I got a nice product line. A nice product line is one that I would like to use in my own kitchen. This is a line for the gas kiln and distinct from what I dream about when I am making for the wood kiln.


Dennis Allen said…
These are nice Tony.I rarely do any slab work but I made a run of platters last year. I still have a few but they sell pretty well.

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