How many masters does it take to glaze a jar?

Yesterday we glazed pots to load in the four chamber wood kiln. The kiln in it's entirety will be fired off in less than 24 hours. This kiln is about glaze and not the heavy ash we are in search of in Canada.
There was a moon jar that everyone had signed in cobalt oxide so it needed to be sprayed. Hyuang Gu and Seong Tae used a spray bottle to do the job. We would of course needed a spray booth, a compressor and couple hundred dollar spray booth.
There was a Korean BBQ and a party to celebrate the firing. Offerings were made to the kiln and a pigs head was filled with Korean Won by anyone wanting to toast the firing. Three bows to the kiln, a small sip of sojo and one for the kiln. In olden days it was a real pigs head but in our case it was a clay one.

So much happens in one day I really don't know where to begin to tell you of all we are experiencing. In fact this is the first day we have been home before dark. It was supposed to be a day of rest but we did some stoking of the kiln. No cones, no pyrometer just experience and intuition. In Canada's case we had 4 of the masters help fire off chamber #2.


maggie said… do i find more about this firing...i would love to see images of the kiln. The inside view of those handmade round brick shining from past fire vapors is lovely!

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