Capital- T

I am presenting a workshop in the Nation’s Capital City- Ottawa on June 18-19. This is a hand’s on workshop of wheel work and additions.
I have been told that what is so special about my workshops is that they are not only about “how to” make but “why” we make what we do.  My travels to England, Italy, USA, Japan, China, Korea and of course my beautiful homeland- Canada have given me a deep well to drink from. It has also brought with it an appreciation of developing a signature in your work that remains true to who you are. This workshop will help us all identify who we are and what we are trying to say in our
I read my horoscope every Thursday and here is a part of it:
“I think you'll thrive by embodying that dual spirit: being graceful, sensitive, and harmonious and yet also feisty, piquant, and provocative. Can you manage that much paradox? I think you can. “
Well , I think that pretty well sums up my life. I do love the piquant though. I had to look it up. It means interesting and exciting, pleasantly tart or biting.
I think I can manage that. Hope to see you in Ottawa. After being in Korea and not being able to say much I got a lot on my mind.  I promise not to disappoint. See ya in the Capital- T


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