No mistaken!

Since I'm home from Korea I made some cups and bowls to get my feet under me again. I have been diggin' deep for my creative mojo. I made these cylinders today that I am going to stack log cabin style in the wood kiln.
Andrew arrived yesterday to talk pots. My very best students when they visit me they visit my collection of pots as well.  They handle them. They turn them over. They examine them. They comment on them. They know pots! Oh, where did you get that Matt Scheiman jug? Oh, I like that Chris Pickett bowl you got. They could pick out a signature in a heap of pots. The signature being the person's work. What makes that work unique to the maker. There may be a lineage of potters that came from the same teacher or mentor but they get where it came from.
So with that in mind I made these cylinders and thought oh they could be anyone's. Then I put those handle ears on them and thought ya they look a bit like mine but one of my student's would  look over at 50 paces and still have to walk over since I usually have more volume in my work. So then I put the double bridge handle on them. No mistaking them now! The fourth one the handle looked a bit weak so I added some whopdie doodles and they looked rather I dunno dare I say frilly. So I added a another handle. Next time I do that I will bring the handles closer together.
Andrew left saying "The harder you think the less money you'll make!" What a low blow to a thinkin' man.
I started some ships this aft. Thinking of my Dad coming over the Atlantic and me going over to Wales as a presenter. Hey Mick Casson I'm coming to honour you and the profound impact you had on my pots and my

Off to a music concert tonight. I am blessed to be surrounded by creative people. Life is good for those that know that life is good.


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