Brother where art thou?

Hey Brother Yeong Chul I don't want you to think your lessons on puncheong where lost on me. I am a slow learner.  I need time to digest stuff.  It's Saturday night and I am listening to my favourite radio program of Blues music and stamping these dang boats. Tomorrow the slip and the scraping but I couldn't wait to show you.  I am missing you all. ! I'm not missing the bus, the waiting to be lead around, the not understanding the language, the feeling that I am a dog on a leash. I like to talk so today I talked to you. Yes, you were in the studio with me. Of all the masters I would love for you to come here and work with me. I would love to fire your work in our wood kiln with a shino glaze and a longer firing. Perhaps a show afterwards???????

For those that are wondering the thrown handles alone are 4 lbs. I made the hull of the boat on a mold, the sides, the foot and the handle were thrown. What you could use these boats for I have no idea. I like to think they have a visual function.
Yeong Chul we have to talk about a cross cultural exchange. Your English is better than my non existent Korean so how about you come here to work with me first.  


smartcat said…
This is a boat for looking. but the right flowers would be amazing in it.
BTW, you make the best......handles.....ever!

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