Things I don't do well

Last night our host and hostess took us out for a sushi dinner fit for a King or Queen. I couldn't have handled this 6 or 7 years ago. The quality of this dinner was beyond words. All was going well until one of the dinner items started moving. It was a live and well living on our table. I wouldn't be able to do that. No way! The chef took the little diddy away and cooked her/him. Unha ate hers raw but it was just too big to swallow so she had him kill it cut and it up for her. I don't do eating live creatures all that well. For dessert were fruits and what I thought was seaweed ice cream cones. Nope!!! Seaweed filled with fish eggs.   What I have found on this trip is all the things I don't do well. I don't carve a crane well. I don't pierce pots well. I don't have the patience for scrapping slip.  I don't throw Korean style all that well. It's not about going home feeling inadequate. It is about going home and celebrating your strengths that have been made better by exposure to other ways of working in this wonderful material called clay. What has been so important to all of us on this trip is the generousity that we have been shown. A potter must live their life generously. Give what ya can and if all you can give is your sincere friendship then it is worth more than gold.


Dennis Allen said…
When I saw the title I thought this would be a much longer post or maybe the beginning of a sequel to Stuck In The Mud .

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