Korean food

Obesity in North America is a major problem. I'm sure eating a lot here and I wonder what the scales will say upon my return? My aunt used to brag about serving 7 vegetables with every meal. My family thought this was absolutely over the edge. In our house it was meat, potatoes and perhaps a can of cream corn. I don't remember as a kid eating fresh vegetables or much fruit for that matter.
I think a typical Korean meal might have over a dozen kinds of veggies and fruit. We went to the market today to see hundreds of stalls of veggies, fruit and fish. Everything is fresh and not processed. Not sure where the shrimp come from but as Doc Ric says even eating something not organic is better than eating processed food.
I must admit to feeling a sense of guilt when I saw the crabs piled up on each other in a tank and the octopus hanging in a bag of water.  There were fish of all kinds, eels, and squid. It must be watermelon season here as there were literally thousands of melons for sale.


Tracey Broome said…
I'm enjoying your travel log so much! Thanks for posting while you are so incredibly busy over there.
Yay for good fruits and veg!!

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