You know me

I just remembered the Akar Gallery Yunomi Invitational opened yesterday.
I opened it to see that all 5 of my yunomi's have sold. Thank you whoever you are. You have good taste!  These 5 yunomi's were fired in Ronnie the Rat's Ratagama. I must admit I really like these cups.
Seeing them today got me excited about making again. I was in a bit of funk after the Korea trip. The Koreans work was so precise. My work is so casual and the marks of the making are what is so important to me. These 5 cups are laden with ash, fire flashing, and  thick slip with marks from my fingers. I like to think these are pots a blind person could enjoy. The wood firing in Korea went off in less than 20 hours for 4 chambers and there was no evidence of the process. If it weren't for the tradition I would take the gas fired route to get results like that.
Looking at the entire Yunomi show I am very proud of the North American aesthetic. There is so much variety of interesting surfaces, shapes and colours. I saw enough beautiful celedon to last me awhile.  We are not bound by the yoke of tradition. I asked Sung Tae Kim if he felt restricted by the tradition. He answered that the young are abandoning it and he is keeping it alive. I thought that was a good

answer and I respect him for doing that.


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