Small feet

You know what they say about a man with small feet-------------------------------------small shoes!
Here is a pic of a beautifully carved bowl I bought from Huang Gu with a teeny tiny foot. Perhaps these small feet work for the Asian style of eating which is virtually holding the bowl. We on the other hand leave the bowl on the table and go at it with a spoon. Huang Gu's bowl would tip over in that case. Really and truly though his bowl is a piece of art that I might have a spot of tea in on a very special occasion.
I made my foot rings smaller but they are still huge in comparison. Hey I need all that foot for the information it contains. I do also like a whoopie in the trimming. My foot rings are more Japanese in their reference to a nod of bamboo. The Korean foot seemed to almost be cylindrical, quite deep and flat.


Togeika said…
Tony, I think all these Mungeyong potters could kick both of our asses. wink emoticon
Togeika said…
Humm. Link didn't work. Here it is again:

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