Over the moon

The Canucks have flown home and I am here until Wednesday staying with a major collector. Wow! This collection has some of the best work of the masters. This is the creme de la creme of pots. It makes me wish I had the ability to buy the very best of a potters work. For me a $100 teabowl was a big deal. I have filet mignon taste and a hamburger budget.
It wasn't till I was sitting in the living room being served  pu-erh tea that I stared at a completely white jar and figured out why they are referred to as moon jars. Why did it take that long for me to figure it out? It took the absence of decoration for the light to come on in my brain. The big roundie my host is leaning on was thrown in one piece. I can't even guess how much clay it took to make this piece. Remember with porcelain you have 25% shrinkage. There was a fabulous moon jar in the Leeum Museum in Souel with some beautiful flame travel. This jar is also wood fired and it is my second favourite pot I have seen. I love the crawled stand it is on as well.


Dennis Allen said…
See if you can get a couple of pounds of the magic dust they sprinkle on the clay to make it turn into pots like this.I'll bet there is an incantation and a special dance too !

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