I ain't a monkey!

During the final speeches in Korea they referred to me as the monkey. According to Chinese astrology the monkey is stronger than the tiger. He has a great mind that jumps from one thing to the next. Well, I ain't a monkey. I'm a rabbit! The rabbit is a home body that prides itself in keeping a nice home, is well loved and a loyal friend. I think I feel all of this. I brought home sooooooo much love from Korea. What an amazing people!  I am
glad to be home in my rabbit's warren with my art, my music, my pots, my own bed and things that are familiar to me. I am used to driving my own car and holding on to the steering wheel of my life. The trip to Korea was extraordinary and more than I could ever have dreamed. Unha Hill aka Dr. Yi did an amazing job!
I am exhausted so I can well imagine how she feels. 12 adult children to take care of.
On my last day I went to a sauna and massage where I was sent off completely on my own. There was nothing familiar and nothing I understood.  I had no wallet, no passport, no address, no phone. Man, I felt very vulnerable.
It is so exhausting when everything you hear is noise. I was glad to be grilled by the customs guy about my pot purchases. He at least spoke my language. Glad to be home for awhile. Next stop Wales. That is yet another unfamiliar language.


Dennis Allen said…
No matter where I ramble
No matter where I roam
There is no chair that fits my ass
Like the one I have at home
Togeika said…

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