For over 25 years I have had a Mac computer. I have always been interested in the marriage of old and new technologies.
I have had some brilliant moments since returning from Korea. The Puncheong stamping suits my love of doing simple routine things.  For example I love to split wood. The idea of sitting there and scraping all that slip off though seems too much like torture so I am going to bisque them. When time for glazing I’m going to brush on my white shino, wash it off the high points and let it fill the impressions and then I will glaze them in my darker shino.  I am not interested in a completely smooth surface so there will be some tactile quality to the puncheong.
As for the crane. I love that bird. It means good luck to me. So the good ole Mac provided me with a vinyl image of a crane that I can use to resist glaze on my bisque destined for the wood kiln. Here he is perched on my Mac along with my other favourite things- ribs and blues in Georgia, Hiut Denim’s  and American ingenuity found in good US sporting stores.  Oh and I do love my Mac. We’ll see how long this marriage lasts!


Togeika said…
After Shimaoka's traveling show the year of 9/11 (he got stuck in Manhattan when the towers came down, with the MacKenzie's Emily of NCC and Joan Mondale), everybody started doing rope impression, but not doing the inlay. I figured a big part of the reason, was that folks couldn't figure out the right way to scrape the inlay. We apprentices weren't allowed to do Jomon Zogan in Mashiko, but I figured I'd better back here in Minneapolis, so folks could learn the proper technique.

But you don't have to do inlay with impressions using a shino glaze. Check out my teabowl with Korean stamps and Mino shino. (It is on its way to a show in Germany.)

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