Mother Nature's Puncheong

Like a good little rabbit I have the inside of my rabbit's warren looking comfy and now with summer here I am enjoying keeping the briar around my hole looking neat and tidy. The lilacs are in full bloom and this tree I call the snowball bush has some lovely fragrant blooms that reminded me of Yu Yeong Chul's puncheong work. What is so great about looking at Mother Nature's reference is that I can see flowers overlapping flowers. I was lining them up in a row. It's Ok to put big between small and literally go to town with the stamping. It makes it a lot more fun than the one, two, one, two approach to gardening and stamping. I always get a laugh out of gardens where they plant one red flower or bush and then one yellow one and then one red one and then one yellow one. I call this the one, two, one, two approach to gardening. The same people have to have the sofa match the chair and have two similar bushes on either side of the steps.  I guess it is the English in me that loves the English country garden.


Anonymous said…
cool. what do you use for the stamping?

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