Teeny weenies

When we had tea served to us I couldn't believe the size of the teeny weeny teabowls. I had some at home but I thought they were for a teeny nip of something strong. I guess the light should have come on before when a former student from India gave me the one on the far right. She told me you got some sweet tea at the train station in these cups and basically drank the tea and threw the cup out the train window. Tells ya something about the value placed on  the potter's craft in some places in the world. That wee wood fired cup was their equivalent of our styrofoam cup.
So from left to right. The first teeny weenie is from Seoung Tae Kim of Korea. This is my new treasure. It is beautiful to look inside this beautifully decorated wood fired celedon. The second teeny weenie belongs to my old prof Dan Murphy. It is my favourite cup for a top shelf bourbon.  It is reduction cooled wood fire and I love the casualness of the rim and the trimming. The third one the maker is unknown to me. My buddy Frankie Tucker gifted it to me from Japan. I almost cried when I got it. He knew I'd love it.  I love the trimming done with a sea shell. The fourth one is done by the unknown craftsman from India. Thrown effortlessly from the hump and untrimmed. It has hardly reached bisque temperature. Here's a tip of the teeny weenie to makers past, present and future.


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