The Supervisor

It's been since late November since I threw production pots at Pinecroft. Roxy was there to supervise my every move. She loves to hang out in the pottery on her plaid couch. I'm a bit rusty at throwing in quantities so yesterday I threw 12 small pie plates, 12 large pie plates. 12 medium bowls and 12 larger bowls . I also trimmed and handled the pie plates that day and oh yeah fired the gas kiln. Today was 12 butter dishes, 12 teapots, 12 casseroles and 12 maple syrup jugs.  Tomorrow I unload the gas kiln and finish today's throwing. It could be a grueling day as teapots always take me a lot of time. Making pots for a living is not about sitting around watching them dry. It is a lot of work and often times amounts to moving a big quantity of clay. Every once in a while I looked up over the pond at the view. I was hoping to see my friend the heron but my only visi

tor other than Roxy was a friendly brown toad. Tony and Toadie spent a nice day together.


Dan Finnegan said…
I know that room!
Cambria Pottery said…
That's a lotta clay. Is there a pugger close by?

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