I didn't die

I didn't die! This unflattering picture of me only makes me look like I am dead. After a day of lots of walking up some pretty steep hills our hostess Mrs. Choi took me to the sauna and then a massage. I had been running daily so the exercise wasn't all that bad.

I swear they were out to kill me in Korea- live food, hills and then a hot sauna. From the state of my t-shirt I had a lot of detoxing to do. Although the massage was absolutely heavenly my lady told me I had stomach problems. She could tell by my feet- hmmmmm reflexology!  I'm pretty sure now I picked up a parasite. I have been doing a parasite cleansing and feel much better.
I'd really like to build a sauna at my house. I slept like a dog that night. Saunas are very popular in Korea and I saw families with young kids going to the sauna together.  I went from the sauna to hot water and then cold water. I then had a hot shower and shave. The one hour body massage was next. Heavenly!


Drew_Ippoliti said…
Tony have you tried the hot salt sauna yet?
1000% recommended for the best sleep ever, the sauna is full of heated rock salt sucks out all the badness!

I have really enjoyed seeing your travels seems like they were awesome!!!

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