Warm up exercises

I'm still draggin' my anchor from Korea a go go. I do make my living from my pots so I dragged my body into the workshop to get a start on making. Not quite ready to make anything challenging so I made some bowls that I will enjoy trimming tomorrow. I also got up in the middle of the night and made a dozen slab trays. The money tree didn't shake down any do rae me while I was gone so I need to top up my bank account. Good news is Andrew is home from Grad school at WVU. We are meeting next week to plan working together. I can't wait to share our love of clay.  I will be so happy for his good company. I am having my fair share of rock star opportunities this year but when I get home it feels empty and I long for the next sojourn. A few more weeks is Ottawa, a wood firing with my mentoring group and then Wales. I have to learn
the art of maximizing serendipitous opportunities.


Cambria Pottery said…
Not too shabby since you are for sure jet lagged.

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