My mouth's a jar

Spent some time today at the National Folk Museum in Seoul. God, I do love those big brown jars. I think I walk around with my mouth wide open. What is interesting is to look inside them and see the patterns from the hand held anvil that they hold inside to paddle against from the outside.  I have seen these anvils and knew how they were used but somehow it came as a surprise to see the texture inside the jars.  There are so many of these jars along the roadside and in front yards with beautiful casual finger wipes thru the glaze. I wish I could fit one in my carry on to bring home. Actually there would be no room in my living room for me if I had one.Yesterday at the Leeum Museum in Souel I saw pots from the 12th century that made me think I was born 900 years too late. The quality of the glazes was breath taking. I have been in the presence of some big ceramic sculpture and wonderful works of art and been in awe but how can I explain that a wee water dropper in the shape of a pear could bring a tear to my eye?


Tony, me encanta tu trabajo, es una maravilla.
Felicidades :)

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