Pottery High Fashion

Rick and Nell had a private lesson from master potter Huang Gu today at his workshop. He makes a 20 lb moon jar look like child's play. Everything he did is bass ackwards from what I do and teach. Fast wheel at the top, slow wheel at the bottom, inside hand under outside hand, no ribs, oh boy it was a mind warp. He can sure make clay move and what beautiful forms. The only tool he uses is a sponge and I think he could get along without that!  Of course to throw his way they had to wear the baggy pants. Huang Gu would be swimming in these pants but on 6' 4" Rick they were a good fitting jogging pants. Look out Lulu Lemon fashion is creeping into clay. First yoga now pottery.


Cambria Pottery said…
Now I have to see this master potter throw.

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