10 billion flies can't be wrong!

We just picked up our new 2007 Ford today. I know "Found on the Road Dead", "Fix or Repair Daily" and all kinds of insults directed towards a Ford. Fact is the best Pick/Ups I've ever owned were Fords. Yep, they beat out Toyota and Nissan's. We spent a month searching for a good used Escape with low mileage and an impeccable history. Why buy a new car when ya can get one for half price and it still has warranty and looks like it just pulled off the lot?
With gas prices escalating we looked at bumper cars- Nissan Versa, Honda Fit etc, etc. Damn we're potters that pick up clay and deliver pots and like comfort.
Ford Escapes are like flies around here. That only can mean low prices on parts!
Made in Kansas City, USA. I'll sleep well tonight knowing I did my part to keep my neighbours employed!


John Britt said…

I traded in my Ford Explorer after 230,000. Not bad!
We have an Escape too Tony and love it!
mugmkr said…
I'm guessing that you also need a good rig to haul the ice wine back to the studio, eh? ; ]
Anonymous said…
I don't blame you for buying a Ford, they seem to be coming back, out of any US automaker. We drove a Fusion to the Motor City from Chicago last year, and it was very nice. Their cars also have sharp styling, and look "tight." If I were in the position to buy a new(er) car, I would def consider a Ford.
I hope you will enjoy it. Pot on!


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