A Single Rose

It is remarkable to be part of the clay community. I have been all over this country and many parts of the globe where an introduction of " I am a potter from Beamsville, Ontario, Canada" has opened so many doors. It has been the ticket to dinner, coffee, drinks, a place to stay,etc, etc. Try saying 'Hi, I'm a high school math teacher or Hi, I'm a college administrator and see how many doors open. Since we bought our first Mac computer almost 2 decades ago I have been a contributor to the Clayart Discussion Group. I have met people from all over the world and they have become a further extension of my clay community. One such long time cyber friend is Lori Leary. News this week of her husbands death in an industrial accident has saddened many of us that know Lori. I took a picture of a single rose on our kitchen table in front of a few of the pots in our collection. Circle the wagons folks one of us needs some shelter. I am a big believer in collective energy and I send out what I can to Lori at this time.


Lori said…
Just found this. Thank you so much. Much love and many hugs.
Love, Lori <3

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