Wood I?

There has been much talk and enthusiasm on the Clayart Discussion group of the firing of The Energy X Change pallet kiln that used 120 pallets for it's maiden voyage. Free and available recycled wood! Remember this is a experimental recycling program. Reminds me of the city gentleman turned farmer that had a 25 acre bush lot and thought I can heat for free. So he went out and bought a new Toyota Tundra 4 x 4, a Kubota tractor with front end loader, a Honda wood splitter, a Stihl chainsaw, etc,etc. Including the land his heating bill started off at over a 1/4 million $$$$. My neighbour heats his house with pallets. Here is a scene of what 120 pallets looks like. Now you ain't gonna get many pallets in your new Tundra so you might have to buy a 20 foot trailer and a Bobcat might be handy to unload them. I love the look of a nicely piled cord of wood. The pallet fence of my neighbours is yet another story. And sometimes you have to take what is offered and it ain't all that pretty a sight. But hey, it's free! Kinda! Sorta! Hmmm sounds like a lot of work! Check out Junes pots.


FetishGhost said…
A good sense of perspective is very important, thanks for the visuals.
Loren said…
I was thinking the same thing! I was told when I built my bourry box kiln that I would need to fire it with pallets. I found the pallet sources, priced the trucking charges, and then fired with the nails getting all over the place. I decided that the local wood thrown out by landscapers and my neighbors was a much more pleasurable experience to deal with, and I knew it was chemical free!
madpotter1 said…
right up there with recycling clay scraps........ time vs profit thing I guess.

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