Cuff in the lug

A good Scottish expression meaning a smack in the ear. I have always put ears on my Big Rolls. They are not functional but decorative. A pot without a handle or lug is not a pot of mine. I have two rolls on the go that I'll show you when I get all the pieces together. First I throw the base, then add the walls, then the rim, then the handles, then make a lid, then flip it over to trim and add a foot. When the lid sets up I add a big knob. Voila a casserole that no one can use!
Hey for those of you that thought I'd carry a multi coloured Kershaw blade- please! Here is the black on black Ken Onion Chive I'll be sporting. A man's gotta have taste!!!


Sean said…
Hahaha I was half expecting a package of ketchup.

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