Romancing the Buzzards

One of our best and long term customers that always picks the best work in our showroom came in the other day with a favour to ask. Her (gasp) milk bag jug had broken. For those of you that don't know we Canucks can get our milk in plastic bags that are meant to be dropped into plastic jugs for use. Some potters make clay milk bag jugs. I think they are dreadful. The one our customer brought in is beyond dreadful- think dumpy, think pink and then add blue with fluting. Thankfully the wimpy handle had broken off so I didn't have to look at that.
What's a guy to do??? I'm doing one but I'm signing it with the name of a potter I dislike.
I amazes me that someone that could pick so well could also have chosen this piece.


Anonymous said…
ROFL !!! She loves you that's all! :)

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