Dammit Mother Nature

Here are some surfaces I would like to create on my work. Look at the picture of the owl that Steve Irvine of Wiarton took and shared with the Clayart Discussion Group. Do you think the mouse or the rabbit can see the old owl against the back drop of that tree? If I could only reproduce that lichen on the rocks for my wall tiles I'd be a very happy camper. Try as we will old Mother Nature beats us hands down every time. Work that blends with Nature and doesn't swear at it is my goal.


Nu Kua said…
mother nature wins, always.
wouldn't it be nice if we (humans) wouldn't try to 'beat' her at a competition that isn't really there?
She is just the best inspiration isn't she.
I'm glad you mentioned that owl, at first glance I hadn't seen it, it's gorgeous!
Sean said…
Are your tiles in the kiln?
Anonymous said…
Hey Jack: Yep the tiles are in the kiln. Tomorrow will tell the tale of snowfall or free fall.tc

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