Whack Jobs!

I wasn't at MISA (Metchosin International School of the Arts) this year but I have my moles that keep me posted as to the carrying on of all my creative and whack job friends. You can run but you cannot hide!!! Thanx Jenny Bullen for the pics.
I cannot give higher praise to this magical place set in paradise. The setting is in a old growth forest, on the ocean with deer, bears (did I say that?), eagles, seals, otters and a couple of hundred of the strangest artistic creatures you are ever lucky enough to meet. I think this costume night had to have been the initial brain child of Robin Hopper who has a background in theatre. Always a man for the stage. If you are setting away a few clams for a professional workshop I give MISA a ***** rating.
Birds of a feather flock together!


Owen said…
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Anonymous said…
Mugmkr{ Pic is still there under BC bud tc

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