Random Acts of Kindness

In my post to this blog yesterday I mentioned how my computer has extended my clay community. I picked up a cyber friend while doing my blog from China and then had a chance to meet with her at MISSA last summer. Patsi Minnes sent me a note a week or so ago to say she had bought one of Robin (Grass) Hopper's trimming tools in a fund raising event at the school and that she was sending it to me. I e-mailed Grass to tell him of this random act of kindness and that I hoped it was a Dolan. Dolan being my favourite trimming tool. Well thanks to Patsi my Dolan arrived today. I should have known that Grass would use the very best. Thank you very much Patsi for being so thoughtful. I ain't going to hang it up though. I'm putting it to work and I will treasure it every time I use it.


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