Holy wine!

Holy wine Batman this guy is having way toooooooooooo much fun to be totally straight. Did I tell ya that next to BC Bud another popular export from Vancouver Island are the mushrooms. I'd say my friend Grass- Hopper must have had a side of mushrooms with his steak and alter wine. It has to be alter wine as he has an altered view of good fashion.
I get a bi weekly letter from Robert Genn The Painters Post and this weeks letter was appropriate to Robin. It was about finding one's voice. He mentioned that a person should go to an island, put in long hours, fall in love with the process and voila a voice will come from ones work.
Life is good for those that know that life is good!!! A toast back atcha my friend. As for fashion tips I'm not really your guy. I might however recommend a Borsalino instead of the Elton John Glitter Top Hat.


Tony, I, too, have been quoting Genn's post about voice/islands to friends this week. Each time I read his newsletter I remember it was you who introduced me to it. Thanks again for that! Gay
June Perry said…
In that outfit, Robin could be cast in the next Harry Potter movie. LOL

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